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Frequently Asked QUestions

Below you will find answers to some of the questions we get most about WealthAtlas services.

What is wealthatlas and who is perceptive edge?

WealthAtlas is a service provided by Perceptive Edge Investment Management, Inc. While Perceptive Edge focuses on full service wealth management for high net worth individuals, the WealthAtlas service focuses on providing ongoing financial coaching. 

How will i be Billed?

Billing for WealthAtlas is done through AdvicePay. After signing up for WealthAtlas, you will receive an email from AdvicePay. This is where you will prompted to provide your billing information after an electronic signature. You will be billed monthly in arrears. 

When will i be charged?

You will not be charged immediately when signing up. After signing up on the website, there are still several steps to set up and register your account. During this time, you are given a grace period that is not billed. After this brief period, you will start to be billed in arrears. This means your card will not be charged until one month after the grace period has ended.  


For example, John Smith signs up on the WealthAtlas website on January 1st. He receives an email containing the next steps he needs to take to get set up on the WealthAtlas service. He is given a grace period until January 15th, which is when his first billing cycle begins. His credit card is first charged on February 15th for the billing cycle starting Jan 15 through Feb 15. His credit card will continue be charged on the 15th of month until the service is cancelled.

Can i cancel?

Yes, we want all of our clients to feel they are receiving a great service that is providing them with great value. If for any reason you feel this service is not adding enough value to you, we would love to hear your feedback and work with you. If you are still not satisfied, we allow clients to cancel at any time. To cancel, please email and we will work with you to cancel your service.

What is included in wealthatlas?

Included in the WealthAtlas services is:

  • One annual financial planning and review meeting (typically 60 minutes)

  • Follow up meetings as needed (up to two hours of meetings in addition to the annual financial planning meeting)

  • Unlimited messaging with your financial coach through Microsoft Teams

  • Access to our Financial Education Library full of resources and updated throughout the year.

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